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Gridley, CA (530) 846-3666
About Us

About Us

Dr. Bob Bowling

Dr. Bob Bowling is a dedicated Gridley dentist who is experienced in a number of cosmetic and general dental treatments. He graduated from BYU and found a bright passion for dentistry during his time there. Following up on his keen interest in the field, he attended the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

His accomplishments in the field attracted prompt recognition from his colleagues and professors, culminating in a DMD with honors. He now works alongside his passionate dental team treating patients from throughout Gridley and Northern California. The conditions that he treats, include cavities, toothaches, decay, abscess, gingivitis, chipped tooth, and more. He fluently speaks Spanish to provide a bilingual experience.

Dr. Bob Bowling is a premier dentist with over 7 years of experience dedicated to improving and enhancing smiles. Their treatments are provided under a philosophy of genuine care and professionalism. They are dedicated to simplifying your dental experience and creating the finest results.

Dr. Bob Bowling is certified by the CDA, ADA, and the Butte Sierra District Dental Society.

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