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Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergencies can emerge suddenly and be a painful experience. In these cases, prompt treatment is necessary to minimize any problems and save your teeth. You can contact our office if any emergencies arise, Dr. Bob Bowling is among the most experienced emergency dentists in the Gridley, Orovile, and Yuba City area.

Problems that constitute a dental emergency include tooth loss, decay, disease, pain, or damage. These can present long-term complications to the health of your teeth. At Bowling Family Dentistry, our team can provide the most precise solutions if these emergencies arise. Dr. Bowling is recognized by the CDA and ADA for his successes in providing dental care under emergency conditions.

We specialize in a number of procedures that resolve problems stemming from emergency cases. These treatments encompass dental implants, root canals, periodontics, and crowns. The experience of our doctors continues to create rewarding and satisfying results for our patients.

If you experience a dental emergency and are concerned about long-term complications, please contact our office immediately.